Redwood Academy lays a strong foundation for a life-time love of learning for the next generation.
Our Programs are carefully designed to respond to important stages of physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth and development of infants and children.
Teachers with dedication, love and patience help to create future leaders, ambassadors who will stand for truth, justice and equity; who will shun societal vices with total conviction.
They mold a generation who are beacons of light, forging through dark, dwindling paths with resilience and uncommon tenacity. Unaffected by the blistering winds of discontent and slippery surfaces of corruption. Seeing only possibilities, the good in others and in their Nation.
Unwavering in believe in themselves and possessing an unshakable trust in God.

Onward redwood ambassadors
Achieve your highest potential

Like The Redwoods, we stand tall, towering far above the tallest trees
Reaching for heights yet unknown, stretching past our comfort zones, blazing through barriers

Onward mighty minds
Keep on standing with eyes focused ..with stature ..with humility ..with nobility.