We live in uncertain times. Schools remain shut as the dreaded covid-19 pandemic continues to blatantly stare nations and peoples the world over in the face. Partial and total lockdown in many communities have kept offices closed and many businesses shut. When would we return back to our lives again? Is the No.1 question in the minds and on the lips of many, a question which no one can answer with utmost certainty.

The sheer despondency in the air is palpable. The hopelessness of the situation plus a chunk, off of already low salaries have all been major reasons e-learning solutions haven’t been embraced by many parents and guardians. A considerable number are reluctant to pay towards e-learning, even when offered for free, many haven’t seen the need to participate.

This article will show the reader 7 strong reasons why learning at this time or anytime for that matter is good for our children, especially in the nursery and primary school.

1. Brain Growth.

 Learning is one way to keep the brain functioning at its optimum. Albert Einstein once said, “the day you stop learning is the day you start dying.”  The brain needs to continue growing dendrites. Dendrites are  the brain’s connecting and storage branches. Continuous learning will enhance brain growth as well as connections between the mind and body.  

2. The Critical Years.

Your child is within a critical period of growth and development. This is the window of opportunity where learning is at its peak.

“Some say 50% of a person’s ability to learn emerges by age 4, another 30 percent may develop by the eight birthday. After age 10 the branches that haven’t made connections die off. Those vital years lay the pathways on which all future learning is based.”

The New Learning Revolution 2012

This is the period where foundations for further education are laid. It is also during this period that different habits are crafted, habits such as perseverance, self-control, organisation and other executive function skills. These habits need to be brought out from potentiality to reality. They must be nurtured and strengthened  so they can grow.

3. Keeping Up to Advancement in Technology.

We live in a technologically driven world and as such children will learn to use technology in a controlled and productive manner. They will realise that it is not all about computer games, music and entertainment alone but also about learning constructively. The only way this can happen is when they are giving the opportunity to practically use the gadgets and devices and experience what it truly feels like. Experts say that the best way to learn something is to do it.

4. Digital Literacy.

Digitalising the process of teaching and learning is preparing the children for their future. Covid-19 has forced many educational establishments to adopt the use of technology away from just PowerPoint presentation!

For the very first time, Children are beginning to engage with the teaching and learning process remotely and in new and exciting ways. This is the future! This is what was thought to be farfetched but now it is upon us. Our children are born digital natives and for too long have been deprived of this opportunity due to many factors whether legitimate or not, let’s give them this chance. It might be the only one they would have.

5. Prepare for the Job of the Future.

Employers today are on the lookout for technologically savvy individuals to fill up positions of leadership. It is said that there are vacancies but few are qualified to take on the jobs because our graduates are not adequately prepared to occupy these positions. The best time to begin this life preparation is the earliest years as well as in the elementary.  

Lay the foundation for your child’s  future eligibility for juicy job offers in a modern-day society by how they are adequately prepared.

6. Develop Thinking Skills.

When we keep children learning constructively, they learn to think. When they learn to think they are able to come up with creative and innovative solutions to their own problems and later problems facing their community and the world at large.

7. Overcome Learning Problems.

 Children will learn to overcome learning problems they may be encountering when there are continuous transactions between the mind, body and brain. These “transactions” produce stimulation that when absent may lead to stress. Gordon Stokes in his book, One Brain Dyslexic Learning opined that 80 percent of learning difficulties happen as a result of stress, he insisted that once the stress is removed the difficulty disappears.

So what will you do as a parent? You have a couple of choices:

  • Keep waiting for the pandemic to be over so lockdown is lifted and schools are asked to open their doors once again..
  • Take matters in your hands by homeschooling your child even when you have your job and the home front to carter for..
  • Thrust a gadget in the hands of your child without proper planning and guidance allowing uncensored apps become your child’s e-nanny..
  • Allow the professionals who have worked with your children and are aware of their strengths and weaknesses do the job while you support their effort at home?

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