Redwood Academy Nursery and Primary school is a 21st century school located in the serene Ilamose estate Oke-afa Isolo. We cater for children of all tribes and nationalities from ages 3months to 11 years.


To produce leaders of all-time, who are creative, innovative and enthusiastic lifelong learners.


  1. To provide a safe, relaxed, fun and loving environment for learning devoid of stress and pressure
  2.  To expose students to education of the heart that emphasizes whole brain development 
  3.  To enable strong positive relationship between the students and the adults in their life.
  4. To provide cutting edge resources to drive home lessons learned.
  5. To engage loving, sensitive and enlightened teachers to set the children on the path of imaginative learning

Punch Line

We Can Do It!


Solid Foundation for Life-Long Education