Top 3 Parenting Tips to Empower Your Children (The first will shock you…)

Raising 21st century children goes far beyond ensuring that their physical provisions of what to eat, where to live and what clothing to wear are met. Parents must ensure that the skills essential for their success be cultivated, so they can maximally contribute their own quota to the society where they will live. Empowering according to the cambridge online dictionary […]

7 Everyday Toddler Activities Which Promotes Learning

Make everyday count as  fun day for learning for your active and gregarious toddler.  Who says learning cannot continue at home with the child’s first teachers ? Below is a  list of 7 everyday toddler activities which can easily be bypassed as ordinary but which promotes learning nonetheless.  Parents, you will do well to take complete advantage of these teachable […]

5 Top Ways to Improve Self Esteem in Children

Self esteem is the psychological foundation upon which all human endeavour can be built upon. It is the understanding that one is capable of making a contribution that is valued and worthwhile. Children need to begin life with a healthy dose of self esteem or else succeeding at anything in life including, learning, relationships, business would be difficult. So how […]