Elizabeth Ohaka founded Redwood Academy Nursery and Primary School in the rainy season of 2014, a school where leaders of all time are incubated. The school’s vision is to create leaders not only for the future but for today.  Our students say and believe,”they can do it!

A passionate Early Childhood Education curriculum specialist who took the educational sector by storm with her intensive and comprehensive trainings & workshops responsible for the transformation of the classes of not only in her first “baby” Redwood Academy but in the classes of more than 300 teachers and counting.

Her intense love for what she does is visible in all her offerings. She believes wholeheartedly in teacher development and preparation. Teachers that have been opportuned to encounter her adopt her mantra which states, “May it not be heard that a child leaves my class without learning to read and write.”

She is the founder and lead consultant Redwood Learning Alliance, a parent and teacher consulting firm. As a result of her trainings and admonitions, many teachers and parents have  come to realise that learning for the child is best derived through play and should tally with their needs and interest rather than conforming to the needs and interests of parents or teachers.

Mrs Ohaka is the co-author of the phenomenal book, “Thinking Eliciting Activities” a book written along side her coach and mentor, Mr. Muyiwa Asimolowo,  contains a 100+ activities that will provoke the child to think creatively and critically. We found a dearth and went ahead to provide an intervention.

TEA is domicile in hundreds of classes across the nation with lots of positive reviews.

 Elizabeth Ohaka is a certified Performance and results coach. Having been certified by Innocent Minds International. A foremost  consultancy firm. She has helped her mentees become laser focused making the decision to become a better version of themselves.

She recently participated as a lead specialist trainer in a complex, internationally sponsored 7- months long trainings for more than 80 teachers across 13 low-fee paying schools in Lagos and Ogun states. The aim was to deliver Activity Based Learning methodology and 21st century learning skills driven education using MAFT by WHYBLUESKY, a Polish-Nigerian educational firm.

She is married to Dr. Emmanuel Ohaka and they have 4 beautiful children.